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Ki4 QT
Ki4 Browser Interface

Ki4 Risk Reporting System (RRS)

Ki4 Risk Reporting System (RRS)...the new standard in enterprise technology solutions. If your organization has reputation-risk management as an objective, you should consider our premier software application, the Ki4 Reputation-Risk System (RRS). Ki4 RRS is for department professionals, managers, and executives--or anyone with the need to track information, documents, and communications related to incidents or issues that could affect the company's most important asset--its reputation. Ki4 RRS is an enterprise technology solution that provides executives and managers with an "early warning system" to organize all data associated with corporate incidents and issues. Ki4 RRS provides a solid foundation for identifying problems and trends so that executive management can reassess allocation of resources and improve prevention measures.

The Ki4 RRS Edition uses advanced commercial database technology and is offered in two versions, a desktop solution and an enterprise client/server solution. Both versions provide an easy-to-use interface for incident, risk and threat data and document collection. Each solution is a powerful relational database that is constructed of 16 separate mini-databases allowing end-users an incredible amount of flexibility in customizing the Ki4 application to specific user and department needs. Both the desktop and client/server versions have 220+ built-in reports and 70+ built-in queries. In addition, there is a simple but powerful ad-hoc query and reporting tool that can create one-time reports or export any Ki4 data to popular applications (e.g., spreadsheets, word processors) for further analysis or formatting. Ki4 RRS also includes InfoExplorer--a unique tool that reveals data "relationships" visually. Finally, Ki4 RRS includes a unique set of tools, RMI and Vital Signs, that help protect an organization's most fragile asset--its reputation.

Above is an image of the Ki4 RRS Navigator, the primary navigation tool that provides easy access to all Ki4 features, functions and your incident, threat and risk data and documents.


Ki4: Multi-Level
Ki4 is an enterprise information technology solution for multiple departments, users, and managerial or executive levels.
Ki4: Customizable
Ki4's customizable data and interface structure is user-defined to meet every organization and/or industry need. 



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