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Ki4 QT

Ki4 QT
Ki4 Browser Interface

Ki4 QwikTrac (QT)

Ki4 QwikTrac (QT) is based on the same technology used to create our premier solution, Ki4 RRS. Ki4 QT has many (not all) of the features and functionality of Ki4 RRS. Ki4 QT is for professionals and managers who need a powerful, efficient, and "best-practices" approach to tracking, reporting, investigating, and managing actual and suspected incidents that occur in their areas of responsibility. Ki4 QT has an easy-to-use interface for simple "point & click" operation--designed for even the least experienced PC user to the most experienced PC user, minimizing training and "time-to-productivity."

The Ki4 QT Edition uses advanced commercial database technology and is offered in two versions, a desktop solution and an enterprise client/server solution. Both versions provide an easy-to-use interface for incident, risk and threat data and document collection. Each solution is a powerful relational database that is constructed of 9 separate mini-databases allowing end-users the flexibility to customize the Ki4 application to specific user and department needs. Both the desktop and client/server versions have 75+ built-in reports and 20+ built-in queries. In addition, there is a simple but powerful ad-hoc query and reporting tool that can be used to create one-time reports or export any Ki4 data to popular applications (e.g., spreadsheets, word processors) for further analysis or formatting.

Above is an image of the Ki4 QT Navigator, the primary navigation tool that provides easy access to all Ki4 features, functions and your incident, threat and risk data and documents.


Ki4: Easy-to-Use
Ki4's easy-to-use interface for simple "point & click" operation minimizes training and "time-to-productivity."
Ki4: Flexible
Ki4's flexible data and interface structure is user-defined to meet every organization and/or industry need.

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