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Executive Benefits

All organizations must be continuously concerned with the protection of assets--including reputation. Executives and board members have the basic corporate governance and due diligence responsibilities to protect the organization and its shareholders. With advances in technology, enterprise-wide risk, threat, and incident management is now available to help executives and board members to better meet these responsibilities.

Organizational benefits. The Ki4 information technology solution is an enterprise risk management knowledge solution that makes a clear statement to all stakeholders, whether they are employees, investors, customers, partners or regulators that the corporation has made paramount the prevention, elimination and mitigation of all risks that jeopardize the organizationís assets. Ki4ís implementation and use throughout the organization is a constant reminder that the controlling of risk, in all of its varieties, is a mission critical objective.

Proactive benefits. Ki4 affords executives with an "early warning" system--an early warning system for a myriad of risks, threats, and incidents that could severely damage a firm. Ki4 is an enterprise-wide capability that quickly identifies the critical risks supporting pro-active executive management and prevention methods. Early executive involvement and quick prevention measures are the most efficient and cost-effective means to reducing the possibility that an individual risk, threat, or incident becomes an expensive and time-consuming crisis or public relations disaster.

Management benefits. Ki4 provides detailed information through an extensive risk, threat, and incident knowledge database, reporting, and document retrieval system able to be used by all departments and facilities, creating a uniform, consistent, and standardized methodology for identifying, measuring, and analyzing potential problems. An information engine and knowledge database that helps executives and managers collaborate on solutions to existing and potential risks.

Preparedness benefits. With access to an accurate historical knowledge-based archive of past incidents, threats, events, and remedies, executives can prepare more effectively and plan more productively for future harmful risk events. Ki4 becomes a comprehensive knowledge base that helps executives and managers in developing more effective and systematic prevention methods to better protect the firmís assets.


In any given department, there is a normal business need for reporting events, issues, situations, incidents, or problems. Examples include injuries due to ergonomic factors, security threats, discrimination allegations, hazardous spills, questionable accounting errors, harmful product defects, an email virus attack, a dangerous site facility concern, and so on. Besides these types of incidents being reported, typically there is a requirement for follow up investigations and documentation of all data and information concerning the specific occurrence. And depending on the type of situation, one or several departments could be involved in the investigation and subsequent documentation.

Ki4 was specifically designed for meeting these various needs and requirements. As a state-of-the-art risk, threat, incident, investigation, and document storage retrieval system, Ki4 provides a wide variety of professionals and departments with a set of benefits unmatched by any other application.

Single application benefits. Because Ki4 is a seamless, integrated application including all the requisite components (including risk issue management, incident reporting/tracking, investigation management, and document storage and retrieval) professionals no longer must rely on multiple applications. The past reliance on multiple applications has proven to be more costly on initial purchase, causes increased training and administration expense, has unreliable, imperfect, and often, non-existent data exchange between the multiple applications, and makes future upgrading a complex, multi-step process.

Productivity benefits. Underlying its innovative, intuitive and easy-to-use interface is a robust and sophisticated database capability. Ki4ís Navigator interface allows first time users, within minutes of installation, to be entering information, printing reports, conducting queries, and searching for specific data items without being concerned with any of the intricacies of database management. As a result, training expense and time for information users of Ki4 are minimized drastically. If easy and simple data input and output is the measure of increased productivity, than Ki4 is unrivaled.

Flexibility benefits.
Due to Ki4ís built-in customization features and advanced database structure, Ki4 is the first multi-department risk-threat, incident, and investigation application. Multiple departments and their respective professionals can jointly share a single client/server database warehouse and yet each department can uniquely customize the Ki4 userís interface to match their special needs. This cross-departmental functionality eliminates the past practice of each department being forced to purchase their own specialized incident reporting system causing frustrating incompatibilities and eliminating simple data exchange potential among departments.

Cost benefits. For a single department, the core Ki4 application represents the most advanced and complete integrated risk issue, incident and investigation management capability available. And yet, despite Ki4ís incredibly rich feature set and robust functions, it is available at an affordable cost for even the tightest budgets. For cross-departmental installations, the enterprise-wide cost advantage Ki4 has cannot be equaled. Ki4 has the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) footprint for an enterprise solution-- not only for department professionals and users but also for MIS and IT administrators. This low TCO footprint is achieved because of Ki4ís single application, productivity, and flexibility benefits.


Ki4: Corporate Governance
Good corporate governance depends on board members and executives possessing timely, quality information. To successfully protect shareholders and organizations from risks and threats requires an efficient ďearly-warningĒ capability. The Ki4 enterprise information technology solution provides board members and executives with such a capability. 
Ki4: Seamless Productivity 
Because of its innovative database capabilities, Ki4 can be used throughout an entire organization among many departments. Or, Ki4 can be used by any single department or area. For example, Ethics might use Ki4 to track ethics code violations; HR might use Ki4 to track discrimination or workplace violence issues; Environment might track hazardous chemical spills; IS might track network intrusions; Auditing might track accounting irregularities; Safety might track ergonomic injuries; Security might track theft; Facilities might track lost equipment. The information tracking potential of Ki4 is limitless.
Ki4: Lowest TCO 
Ki4 has the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) footprint for an enterprise solution-- not only for department professionals and users but also for MIS and IT administrators. This low TCO footprint is achieved because of Ki4ís single application, productivity, and flexibility benefits.

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